1/2” Drain Jetter Power Nozzle J1013-1

      • Get a 1/2" 6 Back Streamline nozzle absolutely free with this Nozzle
      • See What our customers say here Reviews
      • One year no quibble guarantee on this Nozzle.
      • Detailed machining inside the nozzle to give efficiency of up to 95%
      • Six highly efficient rear jets give unbelievable pulling power.
      • Three powerful jets at 10º and three jets at 14º no forward jet.
      • 3KG weight ensures nozzle stays on the floor of the Pipe.
      • Excellent for silt, sand, debris removal and long runs in large pipes.
      • Suitable for pipes from 4 inch (100mm) to 12 inch (300mm).
      • Replaceable Carbide inserts for longer life.
      • Made form stainless steel.
      • Click here for video Bomb Jet Machining

      Our bomb nozzles are precision machined in our factory on a nine axis mill turn center in one operation.

    • This process insures that every nozzle we manufacture is within our tight tolerances, giving you the superior performance you need.



It’s what’s inside that counts the photo above shows the detail inside our nozzle to give the high power expected from a good nozzle.

These nozzles are now available at a special introductory offer including carbide inserts while stocks last.




250.00 (Excl. VAT)
Weight: 3000g
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