Our New 10 Back 3/4″ Bsp Drain Cleaning nozzle

One of the newest additions to our nozzle range the 3/4″  Ten back streamline nozzle offers exceptional cleaning around the circumference of the pipe to be cleaned.

These nozzles have ten powerful rear jets with no front jet uses all of the power to clean the wall of pipe and give maximum pulling power

This nozzle is a streamline drilled nozzle and is sized exactly to suit your machines pressure and flow rate in order to give the most from your machine.

These nozzles offer good cost vs efficiency rates offering low-cost cleaning of smaller pipes up to 12″ or 300mm

If heavier cleaning needs to be carried out then our Power Nozzles give up to 95% efficiency and longer life due to the use off replaceable carbide inserts.

With detailed machining inside the nozzle to give more power, combined with the extra weight to keep the nozzle on the floor of the pipe gives unbelievable pulling power and cleaning results.



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