Jetter Nozzle Selection

Nozzle Selection

Nozzle selection requires you to look at the pressure and flow rate of your pump and the size of the pipes you intend to clear. Below is a chart giving guide lines to Nozzle size selection against the pipes that they are intended to work in (Fig 1.0) this is for our streamline jets for clearing blockages using this guide will help you get the most from your machine and labour. Nozzles used on small hoses like 3/8” or 1/2” give good accessibility in tight ubends and small pipes generally found in domestic work. Jetter hoses rom 3/4” up to 1” gives massive power for longer runs but due to the size and rigidity of the hose is not very effective at getting into ubends and corners found around most houses. Nozzles and hose diameter will also be restricted by the output of if your pump you have a high flow rate you will get sever pressure drop if the hose is too small if the hose is to big you lose accessibility and it will be too heavy to pull down the pipe not to mention the cost of buying the hose in the first place. Fig 2.0 gives a guide to hose selection vs hose diameter.

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Hose Size Pipe to be cleaned
3/8-BSP Female-3-back 3/8” From 1.5” up to 4”
12BSP-female-6-back 1/2” From 2” up to 6”
1/2″BSP-male-6-back 1/2” From 2” up to 6”
3/4″BSP-female-6-back 3/4” From 4” up to 8”
1″BSP-female-8-back 1” From 6” up to 12”

Fig 1.0

This chart is for guide line use only

Hose Size Max Flow Rate Minimum Flow Rate
3/8” Hose 30 Ltr/min 15 Ltr/min
1/2” Hose 100 Ltr/min 30 Ltr/min
3/4” Hose 200 Ltr/min 75 Ltr/min
1” Hose 330  Ltr/min 140 Ltr/min

Fig 2.0

This chart is for guide line use only

By Aidan Mullane

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