Jet Size Calculator

Jet size calculators are widely available for down load on the internet. Nozzles with different efficiencies and flow rates need to be taken into consideration when calculating the orifice diameter of a Sewer Nozzle.
Hose Length and surface roughness is another important factor to take into consideration. Abtech Nozzles are calculated by our specially developed calculators each one is set up to suit a particular Nozzle. We retain the calculation results for each Drain Jetting Nozzle we dispatch, this way returning customers know we have the details of their pumps flow and Pressure. Sewer Cleaning or Drain Unblocking Nozzles can then be adjusted slightly from the last order, if there is any changes needed as a result of unforeseen ware on a customer’s pump or other related equipment. High Pressure Nozzles for Jetting of Drains require accurate calculations and precision drilled Jets to give the best performance from your machine. Nozzles Manufactured and sold by Abtech give customers the peace of mind that the nozzle they receive will work on the equipment its intended for. Jetter Nozzles are the most important part of a Drain Jetter this fact is often forgotten and the nearest jet size available is used this will cost money in terms of fuel, water usage and time.

By Aidan Mullane

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