High Presure Drain Jetter Nozzle

This video gives a good impression of the kind of power generated by  ABTECH POWER NOZZLES

NOZZLES should always be used by trained professionals one of these NOZZLES getting out of control can result in serious injury or even death.  DRAIN JETTER NOZZLES can reach very high-speed if they manage to escape from the pipe being unblocked it can fly around out of control in any direction. Jet shown is only running at 85 Ltr/min and 140 Bar or 19 UK Gallon at 2000 Psi this is at the bottom end of the flow required for 3/4″ hose. ABTECH HIGH EFFICIENCY NOZZLES have been precision machined inside to give up to 95% efficiency this means that all the energy at the end of the hose is used to propel the nozzle forward and on extraction pulling out the debrise in dthe pipe


By Aidan Mullane

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