Drain Jet Angles


Nozzle Jet angles will depend on the type of work you plan on doing. Jetting large pipes as a rule will need large nozzles. If you are trying to clean the wall of pipes you will need to use a Nozzle with a wide angle in order to scour the pipe wall, for example if the pipe needs patching. Nozzles with wide angles won’t have the same pulling power as narrower Jet angles but will leave the pipe cleaner. Drain jets for cleaning should also have more outlets this will ensure that the full circumference of the pipe gets cleaned.

Sewer Nozzles for long runs on the other hand you need a narrow angle to drive the jet head forward and drag the hose (Full of water) with it. High Efficiency nozzles are best for this type of work, such as cleaning storm drains from silt and sand residue. Nozzles of this type also tend to be big heavy heads this is due to more space needed inside the jet head to turn the water without losing to much energy. Heavy Nozzles also help by lying on the bottom of the pipe and drilling through the debris. Sewer jetter heads that stay on the Floor of the pipe also go through manholes easier as they don’t just fly up into the manhole.

Abtech Power nozzles come with two options one for cleaning and one for silt, and sand removal or long runs. Power nozzles for cleaning have a 35/30® split while nozzles for long runs have a 8/12®split.

By Aidan Mullane



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